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DPE is a small Danish engineering company specializing in process equipment for the food and chemical industry.

DPE does not have its own staff of engineers and manufacturing base but this is supplied through its subsidiary company ALA-Hammerum (50% owned) and its parent company Hammerum Stainless.

DPE has over the years developed several new types of process equipment together with ALA-Hammerum of which our line of food processors to the fruit industry is distributed to major manufacturers world-wide.

The "Push-Pull" process has been under development for several years and the patent work on this equipment has resulted in patents issued in key countries; The latest developments in the equipment is currently under final evaluation and the reports from the patent authorities are excellent and pending PCT application.

All rights to the equipment belongs solely to DPE and the strategy is to develop the invention to a degree where it can be either produced and marketed or the rights sold outright to a large manufacturer.

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