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The capital required to develop a product from invention to market is high and the road paved with uncertainty and potential failure.

This is also the case with this prospect though certain aspects of the project are fairly clear.

The patents which pave the way for the final rights are in place for key countries and the patent application for the latest development has been through first review by the patent authorities and found patentable. Next steps are PCT and selection of countries to be included in the patent.

On practical side its important to built and test a prototype; the first prototype has already been built and tested at the Danish Technical University in Copenhagen; these tests resulted in the development of the second generation design.

Our aim is to invite one or two investors to participate in a joint venture company and supply the paid-in capital. DPE will own 50% of the company and for this transfer all rights and know-how for the PPP.

The new company will have no paid employees and the partners participate as directors without fees.

DPE participate as coordinator, also without fees but with direct expenses paid.

Outside services are selected for engineering and manufacturing.

It is estimated the initial capital required to bring the product to market or sale of rights, will not exceed 300.000 Euros, which will be equivalent to the paid in capital.

The time estimated to design; manufacture a working prototype is 6-9 month after which the concept will be introduced to international end-users and equipment manufacturers.

Depending on the reception, a strategy to sell rights or establish manufacturing and sales organization of the equipment can be taken.

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