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Short description of the Push-Pull Processing System

Large view of the pilot plant set-up
Large view of the pilot plant set-up

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A unique new way of processing most liquids requiring mixing, heating-evaporation and cooling.

The process is patented in several countries and new patents are pending.

Preliminary trails have successfully been done at the Copenhagen Technical University. (See pictures in the Image Gallery)

If successfully tested and introduced the PPP could become the new generation computerized process equipment replacing vast numbers of old fashioned tanks, mixers, pumps, valves that today clutters food and chemical process plants, daily requiring massive cleaning and maintenance cost.

The system is especially useful when liquids become viscous and sticky during the process or where small batch sizes are preferred because of high value and short shelf life.

The process can be made sterile and also safe for production of toxic products.

By extruding the entire volume when completed, the yield is extremely high and requires little labour input as the entire process can be automated. The process can be made continuous for feeding direct to filling line.

The cleaning and 100% visual inspection between batches is fast, as the entire system in contact with product, easily comes apart.

In a world that requires more variety and consumer safety and where “lean manufacturing” procedures critically evaluates batch sizes and shelves lives and where such regulatory bodies like FDA sets high standards for cleaning and inspection the Push Pull Processor has come to stay.

  • Pharmaceutical creams and ointments
  • Toothpaste and other tube based personal hygienic products
  • Chemical pastes and padding
  • Toxic products in tubes and cans
  • Fruit based viscous products
  • Tube based food products
  • High value-low volume products
  • Etc.

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